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Nickname:  marpet30
Membership Level: Platinum
E-mail : Blocked
Moderator: No
Location: Germany
Type of magic:
member since: 21st of November 2005
Account activated: yes

Tricks submitted by marpet30

# of tricks submitted: 120
52 Card TrickTrick Index: Emerald
9 + 1Trick Index: Bronze
A Changing CardTrick Index: Sapphire
A joke with surpriseTrick Index: Silver
A mind reading trickTrick Index: Crystal
A prediction with a triple climaxTrick Index: Gold
Advanced OutTrick Index: Silver
Alice In WonderlandTrick Index: Gold
An Insolvable MysteryTrick Index: Bronze
An Undetectable Stop TrickTrick Index: Emerald
avaricious spiderTrick Index: Diamond
Blackstone´s Card Trick Without CardsTrick Index: Bronze
Call your card!Trick Index: Crystal
Card in the BoxTrick Index: Platinum
Card in the eggTrick Index: Gold
Card in the Pocket 2Trick Index: Bronze
Card MemoryTrick Index: Bronze
Card through bodyTrick Index: Silver
Card Thru HankyTrick Index: Crystal
Card to Can of Tomato SauceTrick Index: Crystal
Cards And PocketsTrick Index: Silver
Coin WrapTrick Index: Emerald
DairyTrick Index: Sapphire
Deck DisappearenceTrick Index: Sapphire
Diabolical TranspositionTrick Index: Bronze
Dividing knifeTrick Index: Platinum
Double Klondyke SpellerTrick Index: Sapphire
Double ReverseTrick Index: Crystal
Double-Backed Card RoutineTrick Index: Emerald
Easy PredictionTrick Index: Iron
Fairy TaleTrick Index: Silver
FastFindTrick Index: Bronze
feet slightTrick Index: Emerald
Follow MeTrick Index: Sapphire
Follow The RulesTrick Index: Silver
FortunetellerTrick Index: Emerald
Four To One DetectionTrick Index: Iron
Four way coincidenceTrick Index: Gold
Four-Fold SympathyTrick Index: Bronze
GHOST BUSTERTrick Index: Sapphire
Good VibrationsTrick Index: Silver
Happy Birthday, Martin!Trick Index: Bronze
Having a DateTrick Index: Sapphire
I´ll Guess Your WeightTrick Index: Gold
Let´s have a PartyTrick Index: Gold
Lloyd´s Dr. Jekyll & Mr. HydeTrick Index: Bronze
Looking for CohabitantsTrick Index: Emerald
Math is beautifulTrick Index: Crystal
Mental SwitchTrick Index: Silver
Mexican Three Card MonteTrick Index: Gold
My Friend PinkyTrick Index: Iron
Name O´ CardTrick Index: Gold
Out of the BoxTrick Index: Iron
Out of this worldTrick Index: Bronze
Pair ´em UpTrick Index: Bronze
Paradox Of PairsTrick Index: Crystal
PenholderTrick Index: Stone
Poor VisibilityTrick Index: Bronze
RelativesTrick Index: Silver
Rising cards in audienceTrick Index: Platinum
RouletteTrick Index: Crystal
Royal MarriagesTrick Index: Gold
Scratch Your HeadTrick Index: Bronze
Six PilesTrick Index: Crystal
Spicy food chooseTrick Index: Iron
SpidercardTrick Index: Bronze
Stebbins - A MIND READING TRICK (Apparently)Trick Index: Emerald
Stebbins - THE SYSTEMTrick Index: Emerald
Stebbins - Trick 2Trick Index: Emerald
Stebbins - Trick 3Trick Index: Emerald
Stebbins - Trick 4Trick Index: Emerald
Stebbins - Trick 5Trick Index: Emerald
Stebbins - Trick1Trick Index: Emerald
T O N A M E T H E T O P C A R DTrick Index: Iron
That´s the questionTrick Index: Crystal
The Acme of ControlTrick Index: Stone
The Card and HatTrick Index: Bronze
THE CARD IN THE BANANATrick Index: Diamond
The Cops Get Their ManTrick Index: Emerald
The DiamondsTrick Index: Sapphire
The Divining RodTrick Index: Bronze
The Exclusive CoterieTrick Index: Emerald
The Exploding Signed CardTrick Index: Silver
The Five Card Stabbing MysteryTrick Index: Emerald
The Flush TrickTrick Index: Gold
The Great DealTrick Index: Bronze
The Great Pearl MysteryTrick Index: Sapphire
The Hilliard Rising CardsTrick Index: Bronze
The HitmanTrick Index: Stone
The Jumping CardTrick Index: Diamond
The Jumping QueenTrick Index: Bronze
The Lady goes shoppingTrick Index: Gold
The Magician and the LaymanTrick Index: Bronze
The Moving Finger WritesTrick Index: Bronze
The Radio CardsTrick Index: Emerald
The Reappearing ComboTrick Index: Bronze
The Self-Extricating CardTrick Index: Bronze
The Spot CardTrick Index: Emerald
The Top and Bottom ProductionTrick Index: Emerald
The Torn and Restored Card with a barrowed DeckTrick Index: Diamond
The Transfixed PackTrick Index: Emerald
The Triangle TrickTrick Index: Bronze
The turn-over cardsTrick Index: Silver
This card or this one?Trick Index: Stone
Three-Way DeckTrick Index: Sapphire
Thumb shooting (long-distance spinner)Trick Index: Iron
Tommy-shotTrick Index: Emerald
Transposition... Box To EnvelopeTrick Index: Silver
Twentieth Century Mind ReadingTrick Index: Sapphire
Twisting the AcesTrick Index: Silver
Ultimate PenetrationTrick Index: Silver
UnexpectedTrick Index: Platinum
Unique characteristicTrick Index: Bronze
UnrealitiesTrick Index: Platinum
Vanish of DeckTrick Index: Emerald
Visible Changing CardTrick Index: Crystal
Watch His ElbowTrick Index: Bronze
Which DeckTrick Index: Diamond
Wide-Spread Flipping AcesTrick Index: Gold
Your Card, Sir?Trick Index: Silver

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