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Welcome to, the biggest card trick exchange center on the internet.
We have over 2000 cardtricks in our indexes.
and signing up is free.
As some of you might know, things have been busy in my life.

My dad went to hospital several times in the last year, and it looks like that this will still keep us busy. My wife and I have been struggling with pregnancies. Changes at work that happened and prevented me of moderating the site, and more important approving your tricks and answering your mails.

Luckily also good things are happening, and are about to happen. My wife is pregnant and it looks good, and we are expecting junior somewhere mid 2008.

As you can imagine, this will be the most important thing in my life. And therefore I have no choice regarding Because I only have so many hands and so many time to spend.
Decisions! I have doubted a long time what to do, and I came to a decision. Don’t worry, will continue to exist, but in a slightly different format.

I do not want to withhold all the wonderful tricks that we have collected during the last three years to all who have contributed to But I do not see how I will be able to still approve and respond. So I have decided to more or less drop the level system.
What will happen? All new members will be automatically upgraded to the Crystal membership level (level 3), which gives you access to 700 different tricks.

Everybody who has submitted at least one trick in the past (which has been approved by one of our moderators) will be granted the platinum membership level (level 10, over 2000 tricks).

So you cannot raise your level by submitting tricks anymore. But you can still raise your level by donating money or submitting an e-book or guide (written by yourself). I also still leave the option to raise your level by making suggestions, but it has to be damn good, before it will be accepted, and it should not have anything to do that involves time from my side on the site (development time and so on) Click here to go to the submit section
you are playing cards with the guys and when someone asks you to shuffle the deck, you get a blank look on your face and ask "You mean a real shuffle?!"
Does this sound like you? Then you have arrived at the right place
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Why is this happening? As I explained, the success of was above expectations and I never imagined that it would cost so much effort to maintain the site. I never intended to make a commercial website and therefore it is not paying the rent.

I have to make choices. My Family comes first, followed by work, and on the third place my hobbies. So has to make way for family and income. I still want you guys to enjoy the wonderful world of card magic and that is the main reason that the site will stay in the air.
The future? I do not know what the future will bring. Time will pass and at the end we all will know....
Tricks awaiting approval? They will be moderated, but this will take time....

Best regards,

Owner, Moderator

you can't stand to play card games because of the temptation to flourish and cheat at least once.
Does this sound like you? Then you have arrived at the right place
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